Hotels New Covid 19 Regulations

How Hotels will have to change after Covid 19 has moved on…

Hygiene regulations and contactless technology are just the start of the hotel design revolution.


The Coronavirus has changed the travel industry in so many unimaginable ways. There is the visible, like wearing masks on flights and needing to show a negative Covid 19 test result before anyone is permitted to enter a country. And there is destinations embracing technology and data to help with crowd control. some of the biggest changes have taken place in the hotel industry – though as guests, we have only really noticed the disappearance of the breakfast buffet. In the UK, for example, hotels are undergoing deeper cleans and some will even leave rooms to go fallow for a short stint between guests. Globally….

For the hospitality industry to restart successfully, the key to success is to instill guest confidence that their hotel and grounds is clean, safe and secure and sanitized, these guidelines will soon have to convert to a global standard and most likely have a star like rating for each and every Hotel, Some countries have already begun putting this into practice. The Singapore Tourism Board launched a “new clean” auditing initiative that measures hotel compliance with seven criteria for cleanliness. The properties will be considered “SG Clean” if the hotels meet the standards.

To earn the SG Clean Quality Mark, a hotel property will have to appoint a manager to oversee the implementation of cleanliness and hygiene practices as well as to ensure compliance with health and travel advisories, guidelines and government standards on COVID-19.

It will defiantly ease the minds of protentional guest’s that hotels are regulated, checked and approved by the authorities for their cleanliness practices, the SG Clean Quality Mark will give confidence of least some guests who are eager to get back to traveling again but are still put off by the idea of staying in a hotel.

These measures will come at a cost so expect to see a rise in prices for every service in hotels, from your room rate to spa treatments and even the cost of your evening meal.