How To Write a Great Hotel Review

If you’ve recently stayed at a hotel and want to share your experience with other people, the best way to do it is by writing a review.

There are plenty of sites where you can post a review online these days, so whether you want to share a great experience or a trip from hell, you’ll have no problem reaching other people and letting them know about your stay.

Writing a good hotel review isn’t particularly difficult but there are certain key things you should include in your review to make it helpful to readers – whether it’s hotel staff or other travellers.

With this in mind, below are some useful tips to help you write the best review possible.

Share your reason for travelling

A great way to start your review is by sharing your reason for travelling. By letting people know whether trip was for business or pleasure, you’ll help them understand what you were looking for during your stay and whether or not your review is likely to be relevant to them.

It’s also good to share who you travelled with (family, friends, colleagues etc.) and how often you travel. Including these details at the start of your review is a very good way to set the tone for the rest of it.

Include pictures

Adding your own pictures is a great way to improve your review. Most people are interested in pictures taken by somebody who’s actually stayed at the hotel rather than the carefully selected pictures you typically find on hotel websites.

Pictures of your room are always good. Ideally they’ll show how clean it was when you arrived, whether or not there were any refreshments waiting for you and how large it was.

Pictures of the outdoor parts of the hotel are also great, such as a swimming pool or outdoor eating areas. It’s also a good idea to share pictures of the surrounding area that show things like nearby shops and restaurants.

Write about the surrounding area

Although amenities and customer service are important, a lot of people will choose a hotel because of what’s nearby. Therefore it’s a good idea to include this in your review.

How far is the hotel from the nearest airport? Are there are shops or supermarkets nearby? What is the nightlife like? Is there a beach nearby?

Including this type of information will make your review that much more helpful.

Were the staff helpful?

Good customer service is extremely important when staying at a hotel and is definitely something people will want to know about.

You should share anything you can about your experiences with the staff, whether they were positive, negative or a mixture of both.


To finish your review, it’s a good idea to summarize your overall experience. Although it’ll usually be clear whether your experience was good or bad based on what you write in your review, it’s a still a good idea to sum up your thoughts and let people know whether you’d recommend staying at the hotel based on your own experience.

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